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Q: Is there an age limit?

A: All ages are welcome to participate! If your child is under 10 years old, we do recommend that a parent or older friend participates with them. 


Q: I bought tickets to be a zombie, do I have to provide my own makeup and costume.?

A: Yes you do! But If you don't want to do your own zombie makeup, you can Pay $10 onsite to have a makeup artist do it for you. Totally up to you though!


Q: Will there be food and beverage available for purchase at the event? 

A: Yes! Food & drink will be available for purchase Adult beverages available. Proceeds from beverage sales benefit Evelyn's Wildlife Refuge.


Q: I don't want to participate I just want to watch, do I still need to buy a ticket?

A: Yes! Everyone needs a ticket to enter. Spectator tickets are only $5 though (no corse access with spectator ticket).





Evelyn's Wildlife Refuge is the charity for Zombie Wars in July!

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